Drink Me; Save Lives is FRANK Water’s Refill Service for restaurants, bars and cafes.   

How it works

  • You provide table water to your customers

  • Your customers contribute a nominal charge

  • Communities benefit - through sustainable projects providing safe drinking water and sanitation

  • We support you and provide regular updates on how your customers, drinking your water, have helped save lives

Drink Me; Save Lives at the Thali Cafe

Award-winning Thali Cafe rolled out Drink Me; Save Lives across each of their five restaurants in Bristol. Over three years, they raised more than £20,000 for safe water and sanitation. 

Head to their blog to find out more.  

Drink Me; Save Lives In the press 

As the public continues to move away from bottled drinks in favour of refilling with tap water, Drink Me; Save Lives is fast becoming a simple, effective and popular way for restaurants, bars and cafes to support FRANK Water.  Scroll through the images above to read what the media have said about it.