What will the project achieve?

    • Introduce the idea of epic poetry to children in years 5-7 
    • Show children (within the context of the narrative) how to write particular verse forms: Ballad, Clerihew, Tongue-twister, Ballad, Double Dactyl, Kenning.
    • Contain and fulfil aspects of the curriculum including English (new vocabulary and wordplay), poetry, environmental science, history, art, maths and drama!
    • Introduce environmental issues that are relevant to children today.
    • Introduce the work of local charity FRANK Water and challenge them to raise funds for the essential work. 
    • Enable children to enjoy poetry and performance either through reading, rehearsed reading or a fully-fledged performance.
    • To allow children to team build, problem solve and take social responsibility in mounting the production of  the poem/play.  

    How does the project work? 

    • Martin provides a fun and engaging poetry workshop for children in years 5-7 and FRANK Water staff provide an assembly-style introduction to the work of FRANK Water to kick-start the project.
    • Teachers have access to special online resources that support lesson planning to maximise the learning from the themes covered in the epic poem, providing cross curricular ideas and interventions.
    • Throughout the project Martin will take contributions from both schools and use them to develop further elements of the epic poem.
    • Final published poem will be delivered in stage play format and schools able to put on a performance. 

    What's in it for me and my school? 


    By signing up to take part, your school will receive downloadable lesson plans for:

    • Poetry, Literature, Maths, Environmental science, International Development,  Sanitation/Health, Drama and performance, Art, drawing and crafts 
    • One assembly-style introduction from a member of FRANK Water staff
    • Access to the finished epic poem in stage play format with teachers' notes 
    • Fun, interactive fundraising ideas to help you reach your target. 
    • The opportunity to collaborate with other Bristol schools
    • Your own login to the poetry pages on FRANK Water site where you can find information and resources and share poems, videos and photos 


    • OPTION A: two x 1.5hr workshops for up to 90 children at a time (NB Support from teaching staff will be required for larger groups!) OR 1 x 1.5hr workshop for up to 90 children AND a whole-school performance from Martin Kiszko - £300
    • OPTION B: three x 1.5hr workshops (for up to 90 children at a time, with staff support) AND one full performance for the whole school - £450
    • Fundraise for FRANK! Every school that takes part will be challenged to fundraise £250 for FRANK Water's work. Our fundraising team will be on hand with ideas and suggestions to help you reach your target!