Devon spring water in glass bottles. All profits support life-changing safe water & sanitation projects. 

Back in 2005 we thought it was odd that whilst the UK was drinking 2 billion litres of bottled water every year, people elsewhere were dying from drinking dirty water. Our original idea was to sell bottled water and donate 100% of the profits to fund safe water projects. We still do that. 

Prices (based on orders of 30+ cases)

  • 750ml x 12 bottles (one case): £6.75 + VAT

  • 750ml x 60 cases/720 bottles (one pallet): £405 + VAT

  • 330ml x 24 bottles (one case): £7.25 + VAT

  • 330ml x 60 cases/1440 bottles (one pallet): £435 + VAT

For orders of fewer than 30 cases, please click the buttons below to contact our distributors directly. NB Prices may vary according to distributor.

FRANK Water's stockists include:

FRANK Water only supplies stockists within the UK.

Glass bottles are made of 32% recycled material. Here's why glass is a better option than plastic.  

Typical Analysis/Ltr FRANK Water: Calcium 22mg, Sulphates 17mg, Magnesium 11mg, Sodium 16mg, Potassium 0.76mg, Chlorides 18mg, Nitrates <1.60mg, pH  7.2, Total Dissolved Solids 148mg