Report from India

Report from the Front; Katie Alcott & Harmeet Sehambi of team FRANK UK are visiting newly installed clean water projects across India and waving off our No.1 Fundraiser; the incredible Adventurists -Rickshaw Run... This blog post is fresh in from Katie on their visit. _______

"We're in Cochin, at the very southern tip of India, it's 40 degrees and there's very little shade in the Union Club's garden. Regardless, 69 teams, made up of over 170 adventurers from all over the globe have spent the last few days pimping indian auto rickshaws and preparing for the unbelievable adventure that is the Rickshaw Run - A two week journey that will take them from Cochin in the south west to Shillong in the far north east, in a small, temperamental (if what we've witnessed over the last few days is anything to go by) three wheeled tin can.

Harmeet and I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing teams,who've told us all about the fun they've been having fundraising for us... from homemade jam sales to cake bakes, quiz nights, an inspired curry competition and even a rained-off outdoor cinema night (which still managed to generate funds).

It's been great to meet so many people who had never even heard about FRANK Water until they signed up for the Rickshaw Run, that are now avid supporters. The clean drinking water problem in the UK is largely theoretical but out here driving across India it's very very real.

The irony is not lost on us at FRANK water that the Rickshaw Runner 'athletes' themselves will mainly be drinking bottled water as in their words "its the only source that we can really trust to be safe and we just can't take the risk of drinking anything else".

...and who could blame them, stories of three guys all sharing a bed with dysentery doesn't make for easy listening! But maybe makes everyone appreciate the importance of FRANK Water's work and how lucky we all are in the UK.

Whilst the rickshaw runners have now set off on their Indian odyssey, our job is now to visit clean water NGO partners and new clean water projects across India - making sure our project funds are spent as effectively and efficiently as possible. Governance is a big part of what we do at FRANK Water ; building sustainable, long term, village clean water systems.

I hope to report back in 2 weeks from the finish of the Rickshaw Run on 21st April in Shillong and importantly report back to you all on our progress in the field.

Remember by supporting FRANK water and spreading the word about FRANK water you are part of the solution. FRANK you!

All the best, Katie x

Jump for Joy (& FRANK)

Have you got the mojo and the moxie to jump for FRANK Water?  

Could you do what  Joe Tristram, Rachel Hiles, Ellen Tristram and Debbie Glasse from LUCAS Vets did ? They pushed the boundaries of FRANK fundraising efforts...


Special thanks goes to Joe Tristram who not only risked life and limb jumping out of a plane, he also ran a marathon in order to reach their target donation to FRANK Water of £8000. Franks!


In the scheme of original fundraising ideas, we also want to give a shout out to Patrick, Jon and John who took part in the Autumn Rickshaw Run in 2010.


Not content with simply preparing to undertake thousands of miles of questionable terrain across India in a humble auto-rickshaw, the guys limbered up by devising the mother of all Cycle Challenges - to be the first people to cycle around London entirely on one of the new Barclays Cycle Hire bikes, docking their bike at every one of the 400 docking stations or so along the way. Oh and all in 24 hours....


Not only did they achieve it, they have also raised a fantastic £1,650 for FRANK Water!


Katie is Back! (This time with 3 babies...)

Katie is back! After nearly 3 years of maternity leave, Frank Founder Katie Alcott has returned to the helm of FRANK Water - the social enterprise and the charity she started in 2005.  

Katie said "It's great to be back with FRANK  a bit more, I've had a busy  few years and now have three babies under four (Amelia, Reuben and baby Elodie) which as you can imagine are keeping me busy!


In my part-time abscence It's been great that our team has all pulled together and managed to fund so many projects (63 projects since 2005 - and still counting) so a big thanks and hats off to all of our supporters, customers, fundraisers and friends."

Help Usha

Usha is 6 years old. She has to look after her brother Raju whilst their parents work on the fields. The family has to spend what little money they have on medecine for Raju. Usha is rarely able to attend school or play.  

Her brother Raju developed skeletal flourosis due to naturally occuring high levels of flouride in their village drinking water. Raju can't walk; the flourosis has affected his central nervous system, bones and joints.


The good news is that FRANK Water has now set up a water project in the village giving 8000 villagers access to clean water - so cases like Raju and Usha will become a thing of the past.

Plain Lazy's bid to fund an entire clean water project!

Having been inspired by their visit to India whilst taking part in the Rickshaw Run earlier this year, the guys from Plain Lazy have joined forces with FRANK Water to fund an entire clean water project.  

50p from every online transaction will be donated to FRANK Water. To be part of the fundraising action, simply buy anything from their online store You can also monitor their money raising progress through their website.


Get your Christmas shopping sorted out with a few easy clicks - and in doing so you can be part of Plain Lazy's bid to fund an entire clean water project!

Tackling India by rickshaw for FRANK Water

A big thank you and congratulations to Team Funjabi which has raised an amazing £5,786 for FRANK Water Projects. The team, which comprises Amar, Anjali, Ben, Aman, Arunan, Ravi, Kat and Abi steered their trusty Rickshaws from Cochin in Kerala up through India to the  Himalayas in the Spring 2010 Rickshaw Run. They are all pictured here. They are our June 2010 Top Fundraisers!