Why we're walking for FRANK Water

This Sunday, FRANK Founder and CEO, Katie sets off for India. She’s visited countless times before, as you’d expect but this time, it’s a trip with a difference. Accompanying Katie will be her husband Tom & their three children. Why? To take part in the inaugural Walk for Water - a four day tour through India’s Chhattisgarh.

We spoke to Amelia, Reuben & Elodie to find out how they were feeling about the trip, what they were most (and least) looking forward to.

Tell us what you’re looking forward to…!

Team Alcott .jpg

A: Finding our way on the walk! Seeing how the people live and cook food, seeing where people get water from, where they go to the toilet!

R:…seeing nature and animals like snakes, cows, monkeys and butterflies

E: …We will be camping in one of the villages!! I am a little bit scared of the insects biting me!!!!!!! 

In what ways do you think walking in India will be different from walking at home?

A: It’ll be hot and humid

R: There won’t be a proper path

E: There are different plants - called touch-me-nots - that explode when you touch them!

How are you preparing for the walk?

A: By walking to school

R: Walking over the Malvern Hills. The walk is the about the same as walking the Malvern Hills end to end and back again... but it's much higher!

E: By walking our dog!

How are you going to fundraise for your walk?

A: By setting up our JustGiving page - and asking friends & family to sponsor us.

R: By baking cakes to sell at school

E: By selling our clothes and toys