If you missed the BBC Radio 4 FRANK Water appeal, all is not lost! Tune in again this Thursday 10th October at 15:27 to hear FRANK Water Patron, Anita Rani, tell Maya’s story.

Maya’s Story

Carrying water containers, sun setting.jpg

In 2015, a massive earthquake struck Nepal, killing 9000 people. In the village of Lakuribhanjyang, every house was destroyed. What water they had was cut off when pipes cracked and the source dried to a trickle. Maya Tamang found herself living with her family in a corrugated iron shelter with no water.

To fetch water, Maya would walk for up to three hours a day to a source at the foot of the hill. She’d attach two jerry cans to a strap which she positioned over her forehead and walk hunched forward, to relieve some of the pressure on her neck. She carried 50 litres at a time down a steep, rocky track.


In 2017, FRANK Water expanded our work into Nepal, supporting people like Maya whose lives and livelihoods were shattered by the earthquake. Today, Maya can walk to the tap in just ten minutes. She has time to earn a living, selling milk from her goats and working for a local farmer.

FRANK Water has provided safe water for 400,000 people in India and Nepal. But there are more than 600 million people across the world who still live without it.

It costs £55 to provide a family like Maya’s with safe water and a chance to leave poverty behind.

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