King FRANK & the Knights of the Eco-Quest || An Introduction 

Do You Know A Double Dactyl From A Tongue Twister? Or A Kenning From A Clerihew?

With help from Bristol's schools, Martin Kiszko, the UK’s Green Poet, is writing a modern-day epic poem entitled 'King FRANK and the Knights of the Eco-Quest'. This unique and exciting project not only introduces children to poetry and all its forms, but also to environmental issues and international development, including FRANK Water's life-changing work in India. 

Martin is FRANK Water's Poet in Residence for 2016. 

King FRANK & the Knights of the Eco-Quest

How does it work?

  • Martin provides a fun and engaging poetry workshop for children in years 5-7, and FRANK Water staff provide an assembly-style introduction to the work of FRANK Water to kick-start the project.
  • Teachers have access to special online resources to support lesson planning and maximise learning, providing cross curricular ideas and interventions.
  • Throughout the project Martin will take contributions from both schools and use them to develop further elements of the epic poem. 
  • As part of the project, schools are set a challenge to fundraise £250 for FRANK Water! The FRANK Water Fundraising team will be on hand with ideas and suggestions to help you to reach your target.  
  • The final published poem will be delivered in stage play format and schools able to put on a performance.  



For further information or to sign up to be part of the Project (and King Frank and the Knights of the Eco-quest) get in touch!

T: 0117 329 4846 E: