At Home…

  • Host your own Karma Korma event. Whether it’s a Bollywood buffet or a three course dinner, use it as a good way of returning hospitality, catching up with friends, reuniting family or even match-making! Ask every guest to donate the price of a takeaway!

  • Or…get together a group of friends and arrange a Karma Korma Come Dine with Me. Take turns to host each other and award marks out of ten for food!  

At school...

  • Think outside the bake sale box and ask your classmates to bring in Indian-style cakes and bakes.
  • Enlist an artistic parent or teacher to face paint children (in return for a donation) during break times and lunch!
  • Ask your school cooks to put curry on the menu and get your head teacher to donate a percentage of all dinner money taken that day to FRANK Water.
  • Refresh and Reuse! Bring a plastic bottle of water to school with you. Once you’ve drunk the water, re-fasten the top and cut a slot in the side. Ask your family to empty their pockets of loose change into the bottle throughout National Curry Week

At work…

  • Celebrate your lunch hour! Elect a cooking committee (or if your office is small, ask everyone to bring in their favourite Indian dish). When 1 o’ clock strikes, stop work, serve up your Karma Korma feast and enjoy time spent away from your desk. Don’t forget to make a donation.
  • Ask everyone to source or donate a prize and organise a raffle! It doesn’t have to be a ‘thing’ that you give, offer up your time as a prize, doing DIY, beauty treatments, cooking, IT help or gardening!
  • Cakes in the office are always popular.  Make some money out of your bakes and donate it to FRANK Water. Better still, spice your buns with cinnamon, cardamom and other Indian flavours for a Karma Korma bake-off
  • Organise an office night out with drinks and Indian snacks and kick off with our water quiz! Organise teams and ask them to pay a donation as an entry fee.