Do you know a Double Dactyl from a Tongue Twister? Or a Kenning from a Clerihew?

This is your opportunity to get involved in an exciting new poetry project for schools!

With help from schoolchildren from across Bristol, Martin Kiszko, the UK’s Green Poet is writing a modern-day epic poem (entitled King Frank and the Knights of the Eco-Quest) and stage play which will be bound, published and available for sale.   

How does it work?

Martin visits schools to perform fun, interactive, poetry-filled workshops and/or assemblies. Check out his videos here for an idea of what to expect! 

Workshops involve targeted teaching input on how to write a water-themed poem based on different poetry structures.

After each workshop, schools will send Martin their own poetry contributions and illustrations. Martin will use them to create his epic poem.  All participating schools will receive a copy of the stage play to perform at the end of term PLUS downloadable lesson plans, games, fundraising ideas and the chance to collaborate with other Bristol schools.

This is your pupils’ chance to contribute to a published poem!

Click here for more details on what to expect plus costs.

For further information or to sign up to be part of the Project (and King Frank and the Knights of the Eco-quest) get in touch! 

T: 0117 329 4846