Buy FRANK Water 

Artesian Spring Water Sourced From A Family-Run Spring In Devon

Back in 2005 we thought it was odd that whilst the UK was drinking 2 billion litres of bottled water every year, people elsewhere were dying from drinking dirty water. Our original idea was to sell bottled water and donate 100% of the profits to fund clean water projects. We still do that. 

You can buy FRANK Water for your cafe, restaurant, event, festival, school or company. NB FRANK Water only supplies stockists within the UK.  

For orders of 36 cases or more, call our Hydration Manager on 0117 329 4846 or email 

For orders of less than 36 cases, please contact our distributors directly

  • For stockists in Bristol and the SW, contact Chapple & Jenkins (no minimum order) 
  • For London stockists (500ml PET ONLY), contact Aqua Amore (minimum 10 cases) 
  • For London stockists (750ml glass), contact Casa Julia (minimum 8 cases) 

Or if you need further help, please get in touch

FRANK Water is an Approved Supplier of the Sustainable Restaurant Association

Typical Analysis/Ltr FRANK Water: Calcium 21 mg, Magnesium 10mg, Potassium 0.72mg, Sodium 15mg, Iron 1440µg, Nitrate 1.00mg, Fluoride 0.250mg, Chloride 19mg